We have variety of foods & beverages in our menu but there are some special dishes and in Pakistani, Indian, Arabic, Turkish Cuisine So, without wasting time we’ll tell you what are they but let me tell you first that there are Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast so we’ll tell you in different categories….

  • Chicken Makhani; 

It is the dish which is cooked in Clay Pot which we say Handi, we invented this dish in 80s some of our old customers know that it’s our one of the oldest dish, In which it looks yellowish gravy with chicken and some secret spices.

  • Paneer Reshmi; 

This is also invented as mention above but it’s lovely, cheesy & white color gravy with chicken, some veges and secret spices it’s yummy dish for all types of foodies it’s also cooked in clay pot ( Handi).

  • Tandoori BBQ;

Our most of dishes are the invention of our own and this the tandoori bbq is also same it’s cooked under the clay oven tandoori which is quite unique and our special dishes, it’s not common because we’re the founder.

  • Basbousa; 

It’s specially and the authentic arabian cuisine dessert, which we took by an arabic chef Salim Jabar Basbousa. It’s more light & sweet cake must try after meal.

  • Chilman Biryani;

Our all dishes were cooked freshly on order that’s why it delays sometimes So, it’s rice which is also prepared in Handi (Clay Pot) it’s boneless n delicious but mix well before serving.

  • Parathas;

There are vast variety of Parathas in our menu some are more delicious like Pizza Paratha, Chicken Cheese Parathas, BBq cheese or without cheese, mushroom, aloo, and many others.

  • Halwa Puri;

our puri is cooked in branded oils with checking levels of it our halwa puri is delicious, healthy, and can eat in indoor and outdoor seating areas.

  • Stuffed Mutton or Chicken;

It’s a great dish which is the best for groups in mutton and in chicken good for 2,3, It’s unique tandoori chicken or mutton stuffed Rice, Carrots, Kismish and extra dry fruits in mutton.